최고의 2~4인용 코옵 멀티 협동게임 추천 TOP 31

Single games that stimulate the desire for challenge, such as God of War or Elden Ring, are fun, but cooperative games in which you join forces with friends to achieve a goal can have completely different fun from single play.

The games to be introduced today are the best games that can be cleared only by joining forces with friends rather than games that can be cleared alone, and where you can feel the fun and thrill of cooperation. Steam (PC) cooperative game for 2-4 playersis recommended.

Among PC games that can be purchased and played on Steam, we recommend 31 multiplayer cooperative games that are fun to play.

It Takes Two

Price: KRW 44,000 / 2 players / puzzle, adventure

It take two

A cross-genre cooperative platform adventure It Takes TwoEmbark on the craziest journey of your life. Play as Cody and Mei, a very different married couple who have been enchanted and turned into puppets. Trapped together in a fantasy world where the unpredictable lurks around every corner, the two must work together to repair their shattered relationship, albeit reluctantly.

Overcooked! 2

Price: KRW 26,000 / 1-4 people / Casual, Cuisine

overcooked 2

Full of chaotic cooking action Overcookedis back! Take a journey back to the onion kingdom. Create a team of chefs and play up to 4 players in classic co-op or online play. Get your aprons ready… It’s time to save the world again!


Price: KRW 49,990 / 4 Players / Horror, FPS


GTFOis an extreme co-op horror shooter, where you can experience gripping suspense and heart-pumping explosive action. Stealth, strategy and teamwork will be required to survive this deadly dungeon. If we cannot work together, we will die together.

Dread Hunger

Price: KRW 31,000 / 1-8 players / Survival, Mafia

Dread Hunger

A game of survival and betrayal. Eight explorers explore the harsh North Pole by boat. Hunt your prey in the arctic and survive the dangers. Then, find two traitors hiding among the crew and survive.


Price: KRW 42,000 / 1-2 players / RPG, open world


It is impossible to achieve a remarkable journey without constant effort. Outward In the world, the cold of the night or an infected wound is as dangerous as a predator lurking in the dark. Explore the vast world of Aurai alone or in co-op.



Price: KRW 14,500 / 1-2 people / adventure, casual

Pikunikuis an outrageously cool puzzle exploration game that takes place in a strange but enjoyable world where not everything is as happy as it seems. Help unique characters overcome strife, uncover a deep conspiracy, and start a joyous revolution in this delightful dystopian adventure!

Human: Fall Flat

Price: KRW 20,500 / 1-8 players / puzzle, adventure

human fall flat

Human: Fall Flatis a set of light-hearted and delightful platform games set in a floating surreal world, played alone or online with up to eight players. New free levels keep the game more exciting and a vibrant community.

Secret Neighbor

Price: KRW 20,500 / 1-6 players / horror, online co-op

Secret Naver

Hello NeighborThis is what happens between Acts 1 and 2 of A group of kids try to enter a suspicious neighbor’s basement to rescue their missing friend. The problem is, however, that one of the children is actually a neighbor in disguise. The goal of Neighborhood is to earn and betray the trust of other players. If the children enter the basement, the children win.


Price: 21,000 / 1-20 Players / Survival, Open World

Sea survival cooperative game

Raftplunges you and your friends into an epic ocean adventure! Alone or together, players battle to survive a perilous voyage across the vast ocean! Collect debris, clear reefs and build floating houses. But watch out for man-eating sharks!

[관련글] Recommended TOP 10 co-op games (2 players, 3 players, 4 players, etc.)

Monster Hunter: World

Price: KRW 34,900 / 1-4 players / Action, RPG

monster hunter world

land of new life. Hunt, follow your instincts! blockbuster ‘Monster Hunter: WorldIn ‘, you can use the terrain, environmental creatures, and even the ecosystem of monsters, and use various methods to challenge huge monsters. Experience the ultimate hunter life you want in the newly created world of ‘Monster Hunter’.

Portal 2

Price: KRW 11,000 / 1-2 people / platform, puzzle

portal 2

Portal 2 requires you to solve various puzzles using a portal gun that connects space to space. The co-op mode features two new player characters, along with a separate campaign, unique story and laboratory. This new mode forces players to rethink everything they thought they knew about portals. It is not enough to act cooperatively. Only by thinking cooperatively can you pass the experiment successfully.

The Forest

Price: KRW 20,500 / 1-8 Players / Survival, Open World

The Forest

As the lone survivor of an airliner crash, you find yourself fighting a mysterious forest to survive against a cannibalistic mutant society. Build, explore and survive in this terrifying first person survival horror simulator.

No More Room in Hell

Price: Free / 1-8 Players / Zombies, Survival

No More Room in Hell

No More Room in Hellis a realistic cooperative first-person survival game. It is a game to survive or escape in a specific area avoiding zombies. Realistic elements are important, so the control feeling is heavy and the bullets are limited, so the difficulty is very high.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Price: KRW 20,500 / 1-20+ players / open world, survival, dinosaur

arc survival

As a naked, frozen and starving man or woman on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK, you must hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies and build a shelter that can withstand the elements. Use your cunning and resources to kill, tame and breed the Leviathan dinosaurs and other primitive creatures that roam the land, team up with or eat hundreds of other players to survive, dominate… Escape!

Risk of Rain 2

Price: KRW 26,000 / 1-4 players / 3rd person shooter, roguelike

Risk of Rain 2

Fight bizarre monsters and escape a chaotic alien planet. You can do it with friends or you can do it alone. Combine loot in surprising ways and master each character to become the one you feared when you first crash landed.

Deep Rock Galactic

Price: KRW 31,000 / 1-4 Players / First Person Shooter, PvE

Deep Rock Galactic

deep rock galacticis a 1-4 player co-op FPS game featuring masculine space dwarves, a map environment that you can destroy all of them if you want, randomly generated cave terrain, and endless swarms of alien monsters.

Ready or Not

Price: KRW 43,000 / 1-5 Players / Tactical, Realistic, First Person Shooter

ready or not

ready or notis an intense strategy-focused first-person shooter with a modern feel where SWAT police units are called in to mediate threatening and hostile situations.

VOID Interactive took up the challenge and worked with police around the world to apply a realistic engagement system and scoring system. The Ready All Scythe blocked the way, bullet penetration, shrapnel, Kevlar texture, bullet loading and acceleration were rendered realistically.

Gunfire Reborn

Price: KRW 20,500 / 1-4 person / shooter, roguelite

gunfire ribbon

Gunfire Rebornis a stage breaking game that harmoniously combines first-person shooting, Roguelite’s random elements, and RPG’s strategy. Players control heroes with different abilities in the game, and use randomly dropped items on randomly configured stages to design various builds and challenge adventures. You can enjoy 100% solo play alone, and up to 4 party play is possible.


Price: KRW 31,000 / 1-4 people / base construction, crafting


Satisfactoryis a first person open world factory building game with a bit of exploration and combat. Play alone or with friends, explore alien planets, build multi-story factories and enter conveyor belt heaven!

For the King

Price: KRW 20,500 / 1-3 players / RPG, turn-based

for the king

For The Kingis a strategic RPG that blends tabletop and roguelike elements into a challenging realm-crossing adventure. Start the single player experience or play cooperatively online and locally.

[관련글] Recommended steam games of all genres

Divinity Original Sin 2

Price: KRW 54,000 / 1-4 players / RPG, turn-based strategy

Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2is a critically acclaimed RPG. Gather your party. Master deep, tactical combat. Go on an adventure with a party of up to 4 people. Only one person will have a chance to become a god.


Price: KRW 21,000 / 1-2 players / High difficulty, cooperative, platform


Cupheadis an orthodox side-scrolling action game that focuses on boss battles. Inspired by cartoon animations of the 1930s, the graphics and sound of this work were meticulously crafted using techniques of the time, including hand-cel animation, watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings.


Price: KRW 10,500 / 1-4 Players / Co-op, Action, First Person Shooter


PAYDAY 2 is an action-packed 4-player co-op FPS where gamers once again don the masks of the original payday crews Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains and descend to Washington, DC to commit epic crimes.

Castle Crashers

Price: KRW 15,500 / 1-4 Players / 2D, Arcade, Hack and Slash

Castle Crasher

Castle Crashersis an exhilarating 2D arcade adventure game, bang, slash and smash to win the world! Discover thrilling magic and mystery crafted just for you. Save the princess, defend the kingdom and capture the enemy’s castle!

Rainbow Six Siege

Price: KRW 22,000 / 1-5 players / first-person shooter, online co-op

rainbow six siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six SiegeMaster the art of destruction and all kinds of equipment in . Experience intense melee combat, fierceness, strategic decisions, team play, and explosive action at every turn. Experience a new era of intense firefights and expert strategy from past Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six games.

Stardew Valley

Price: KRW 16,000 / 1-4 people / Farm simulator

stardew valley

you are Stardew ValleyI inherited my grandfather’s old farm plot in . Armed with inherited tools and a few coins, you set out to start a new life. Can you learn to live off the land and turn lush fields into thriving homes?


Price: KRW 33,000 / 2 people / cooperative, rich story

Away out

A WAY OUTis a cooperative adventure game where you play as one of two inmates making a daring escape from prison. Experience unprecedented play through a story that begins with a thrilling prison break and quickly turns into an unpredictable, emotional adventure.

A Way Out must be played with two players. Each player must move one of the main characters, Leo and Vincent, to form an unlikely alliance to break out of prison and gain freedom.

Super Bunny Man

Price: KRW 17,000 / 1-4 players / humor, physics, platform

super bunny man

Super Bunny Manis a co-op physics-based platformer game that uses rolling, jumping, and grabbing to overcome challenges. The goal of the game is to clear as quickly as possible while avoiding spikes, rocks, traps and other hazards.

Play single player or join a friend (local or online) for co-op mayhem! 40 challenging levels (forest, snow, cave, beach and more coming soon!) in 4 different worlds.

Unravel Two

Price: KRW 22,000 / 1-2 players / platformer, puzzle

Unravel Two

Break the knot of the past and be born anew. Unravel TwoTry making your own Yani at . Play with other Janis in local co-op 2-player, or travel in single player to build friendships and help with your friends.

Start in the frozen lands and continue your adventure as you explore the surroundings that are teeming with life. Immerse yourself in the most immersive story of energy, excitement, inspiration and even monsters. And by actively taking on all challenges without fear, wake up the world and build strong friendships with your friends.

Left 4 Dead 2

Price: KRW 11,000 / 1-4 Players / Zombie, First Person Shooter

left 4 dead 2

This horror co-op action game will take you and your friends through the cities, swamps, cemeteries, and more of America’s southernmost point, from Savannah to New Orleans, through five additional campaigns. You play as one of four new survivors armed with a variety of devastating classic and upgraded weapons. Aside from firearms, you’ll be dealing with the infected with a variety of melee weapons, including chainsaws, axes, and even a frying pan of death, that will allow for carnage.

Borderlands 3

Price: KRW 64,900 / 1-4 Players / RPG, Action, Shooting

borderlands 3

The original shooter farming game is back with endless guns and frantic adventures! Become one of four new Vault Hunters and take down enemies as you explore new areas. Alone or with friends, you must farm items while dealing with rampaging enemies, and defend your hometown from the most ruthless cult leader in the entire universe.


Price: KRW 40,000 / 1-16 players / Co-op, Survival, Submarine

Barotraumais a 2D cooperative submarine survival horror RPG simulation game in space. Pilot submarines, complete missions, fight monsters, plug leaks, operate machines, operate weapons, and craft items. The dangers of Barotrauma do not forewarn themselves, so be vigilant!

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