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If you’ve ever wondered about the most popular genre of computer video games, read this article to enlighten yourself. There are many people who see PC gaming as an alternative to sports. Especially when there are no more stadiums around. Soccer games for PC are one of a kind that can render the sweet taste of sports excitement in situations where there is no adequate playing space or number of players.

There are many different options to play soccer on PC, but most people only know the most popular ones like FIFA and PES. I believe this article will bring some light to the missing options you can explore to make your leisure time enjoyable.

The best thing about football multiplayer feature A place where you can hit your friends and have an incredibly exciting time. Besides, playing games against the computer is also competitive due to the different difficulty levels these games can offer. Take a look at this handy list and start playing one of the best soccer games for PC on your computer.

We start our list of soccer games with this unique game that combines strategy and soccer. It can also be called an RPG game where you earn points by developing your team.

The graphics are smooth and if you want to apply your tactics without focusing too much on the actual play, this game can be a great choice. Besides that, there will be many other options such as turn-based matches, campaigns, and more.

football, tactics and gloryimportant function

  • You can create your own team where you can add foreign players and sell your players.
  • Players must constantly learn new tactics and upgrade their skills in order to overwhelm their opponents.
  • Depending on the strategy you take to win the match, you will have to make difficult choices.
  • In addition, each soccer player can be developed individually, and RPG elements are added as the player participates in the match.
  • Playing the campaign starts in the Amateur League and eventually gets promoted to the Premier League.
  • To play with your friends, invite them to the hot seat and create a tournament to decide who is the best.

Advantages:The game offers high customization features to edit or recreate players and clubs. Besides, you can see mods other players have already created.

disadvantage:Based on the popularity and customer support this game has already received, the graphics could be much improved and the players more realistic.

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Computer games come in many forms to meet the needs of every gamer. However, including everything in a game can often become impossible. This football game focuses more on the story and includes strategy, fictional characters, adventures and sports.

Besides, it can be played on almost any platform including Linux, Android, Microsoft Windows and macOS. It is a relatively new game, first released in September 2019.

football dramaimportant function

  • It can be a great alternative to all the management soccer games you can play right now.
  • Along with football management, the game renders tactics, turn-based matches and drama.
  • The coach in question is pictured struggling with a soccer team.
  • You will feel as if you are a manager and take on the responsibility of training your players and developing team play.
  • The narrative must also be user-selected and unique.
  • The visuals are superb and you can expect corruption, crime, and drugs to all come your way to glory.

Advantages: The game is distributed in 18 weeks of dramatic football, with replayable games and endings. Besides, the user interface is beautiful and you can share your stories with friends and family.

disadvantage: Since the game is relatively new on the market, some bugs and glitches have yet to be fixed. Also, the music and sound quality are expected to get better in future versions.

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3. Pixel Cup Soccer

One of the most popular mobile soccer games since 2017. Initially, it was released on the App Store, but due to its explosive popularity, PC users can use it through Steam. A retro style soccer game designed to evoke nostalgia. If you’re a kid in the 90’s, the game’s UI will be familiar and will definitely give you a feel for the old days.

Pixel Cup Soccer Game for PCimportant function

  • The name of the game itself represents everything you can expect from it.
  • The classic pixel art graphics are also amazing. This sets it apart from modern 3D games.
  • Unlike other soccer games for PC, it offers women’s soccer with world women’s championships.
  • Besides, the gameplay can easily be considered as one of the fastest.
  • In order to win, you must carefully perform three steps: move, pass and shoot.
  • It is perfect for beginners as it comes with a highly customizable set of controls with powerful features.

Advantages: When it comes to catching a corner king, shooting a ball, or even throwing a ball, you’d be surprised how much effort the developers put into providing a great user experience.

disadvantage: There are no major downsides we can point out, but if you’re looking for a modern game, this one might not be for you.

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4. Rocket League

A unique game on this list designed around vehicular soccer. Developed by Psyonix and initially released this game on the Microsoft Store and PlayStation 4. You can now play this game on Nintendo Switch and Xbox as well.

You probably already guessed the gameplay style from the name. this is Arcade-style football game combining vehiclesdestruction machines, and football under one domain that satisfies all kinds of desires when it comes to video games.

rocket leagueimportant function

  • This is a very popular game and offers a fluid and dynamic gameplay that takes you to the edge of the game.
  • You can play this game on Linux and macOS along with Windows.
  • Take part in intense 3v3 matches where the outcome can change either way at any time.
  • Your chances of winning largely depend on how you build and perform your team, but sometimes it also depends on luck.
  • Besides, the game allows players to customize their cars and even allows them to build cars from scratch.
  • Different game modes are available so you can try and choose the suit that suits you best.

Advantages: The game offers an online mode so you can play with your friends or other players around the world. There are several additional modes such as the Mutator option and Hockey-Esque.

disadvantage: There’s no option to change the length of the game, which is quite annoying, and the camera options also get in the way from when the game was first released.

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This game can be considered one of the best soccer games for PC, where you play the role of a manager. So far, we’ve discussed options for engaging users by offering a different story or gameplay.

However, the game is about everything you would expect from a soccer game and is pretty true to its core. You will see the game from the manager’s point of view as you coach some of the best players in the world.

Football Manager soccer game for PCimportant function

  • You can take on the role of a virtual soccer coach and control the movements as well.
  • Start your coaching career in a regular 1st or 2nd division club. You can join the Premier League at the end.
  • Unlike traditional soccer games, you have full control over the players and foals you manage.
  • Powered by continuous development, you constantly get upgrades and new features.
  • The latest version of this game always adds new tools to improve user experience for management process.
  • Besides, the game is equipped with various gestures to interact with players smoothly.

Advantages: The graphic aesthetics are amazing with lots of animations, 3D match simulations. Furthermore, xG’s integration with SciSports greatly enriched the game.

disadvantage: Games are expensive, which is inconvenient for most users. You will also have to go through a rough time when getting to know the players in the beginning.

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6. Copanito All-Star Soccer

It is an action sports game composed of players with superpowers without a referee. The gameplay is captivating and offers much more than you would expect from a soccer game. This game is developed and published by Merixgames, which has been on the market for quite some time.

Moreover, the game is cross-platform compatible, allowing players to play on all popular platforms such as Linux and macOS. The gameplay is very exciting and progresses with skill development.

KOPANITO ALL-STARS Football Game for PCimportant function

  • It has a cartoonish charm. And you can expect many add-ons not found in most other PC games.
  • Offers multiple game modes such as regional tournaments, leagues, 5-player multiplayer support, and more.
  • You will have 4 difficulty levels that perfectly fit the price you will pay for this game.
  • It offers excellent options like Goal Celebration and Goal Recording. Prove your skills and unlock up to 70 unique achievements.
  • You can also gift game moments and save them to your hard drive.
  • For controls, 4 gamepads and 1 keyboard are also supported.

Advantages: You can be part of 17 tournaments and leagues around the world, taking control of everything from the pitch, the ball and even the number of teams.

disadvantage: This game is very easy for advanced gamers. After a dozen or so matches, I’m not interested in playing any more.

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You can’t ignore this game in our list of the best football games for PC, but this game will also find its place in your consideration. most popular computer games. It needs no introduction as many people think that FIFA is the only game that lets you enjoy soccer on your PC. The soccer game for PC is also called FIFA, which certifies the best stability and constant upgrades over the years.

FIFAimportant function

  • An annual series of games where each update pushes the limits of its predecessor.
  • You can’t find a soccer game that can compare to FIFA when it comes to controlling the game of soccer.
  • There are different game modes such as Pro Player, Multiplayer, Single Match or Tournament and more.
  • Players can manage world-class clubs and players just like a manager.
  • You have full control over game length, substitutions, injuries, emotions and more.
  • Besides, the latest version of this game offers a story mode where you can get the feel of an RPG game.

Advantages: The many camera control options make this game really enjoyable and the ability to sell and buy players as a manager sets this game apart from its competitors. The UI is very slick and you can save action replays and objectives too.

disadvantage: If you don’t have a highly configured computer, forget this game. You will need a top quality graphics card and 50 GB of free space to play this game.

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8. Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

This football game is another great addition to computer games. Here you can experience the arcade game mode through Captain Tsubasa’s journey. This game is one of the few computer games that focuses more on story than actual sports. Developed by Tamsoft and published by Bandai Namco. You will lead your team of players to conquer the target glory through gameplay.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Championsimportant function

  • It mainly originates from the popular Japanese manga series in 1981, so if you are an anime fan then this game is for you.
  • The story is based on the sport of the Football Association and progresses through Tsubasa’s growth as a player.
  • Enjoy developing relationships with friends and family. You will be able to enjoy the success of becoming a prominent player.
  • The controls are simple but represent the basic mechanics you would expect from a soccer game.
  • The characters are nicely decorated and equipped with various skills such as spirit gauge, moves, and special skills.
  • It features smooth graphics and you will definitely enjoy the 3D anime style animations.

Advantages: You will have to defeat rival teams to achieve victory, and voiceovers as you move bring your character to life.

disadvantage: Sometimes you may find that the animations and movements are not properly synchronized and the change in angle is limited.

While creating this list, I tried to cover every kind of requirement I could find before choosing it. There are many people out there who don’t want to spend a dime buying a video game and finding a free license.

That’s why I’ve included this game in this list, which can be considered one of the most acclaimed free football games for PC. If you are a Windows user, please visit the Microsoft Store to download the game.

Soccer Strike - Real Soccerimportant function

  • This game is best for those who are very good at soccer. If you want to feel the real playing feel, check this out.
  • If you like taking penalties to win games for your team, this game is about taking penalties.
  • You can expect high-quality graphics to create the thrill of a penalty shootout.
  • Simplified controls and player actions are perfectly matched to provide the best user experience.
  • You can participate in different championships such as World Cup, Penalty Shooter Championship, and more.
  • The players are well designed and even have 3D graphics to support the movement.

Advantages: Windows 10 and You can play the game on x64, x86 architecture, so you can play this game even if you have a low-end PC.

disadvantage: If this game wasn’t free, people would hardly fall for it. However, given that it is free and easily accessible, there are probably many people who have played this game.

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10. PES: Pro Evolution Soccer

If there is a game that can compete with FIFA, PES or Pro Evolution Soccer will be the only games currently available on the market. You’ll find many people who prefer PES over FIFA because of its low price and easy access.

The graphics are great as expected and the background music gives PES an extra edge against FIFA. Developed and published by the Konami group, it comes easily when talking about the best soccer game ever for PC.

PES: Pro Evolution Soccerimportant function

  • Compared to FIFA PES, it definitely offers a better experience when it comes to realistic simulations.
  • You have full control over the player’s behavior, movement, and direct them to run or shoot.
  • Pass behavior and control have been greatly improved in the last edition.
  • It features various kick and pass animations. In addition, dynamic graphics make players feel more realistic and alive.
  • If you’re looking for a lot of skill, PES is the game for you. You can get 12 skill traits.
  • You’ll find an option called Magic Moments filled with no-look passes, control loops, rising shots, and more.

Advantages: The latest version adds the inclusion of David Beckham and unlocks players like Philippe Coutinho and other premium agents.

disadvantage: Like FIFA, PES has an online version where you can play with players from all over the world. However, unlike the offline version, the online version is bulky and faces major lag and connectivity issues.

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our picks

Soccer games for PC are great options for sports enthusiasts who don’t have the opportunity to play on the pitch. It is impossible to find a stadium or recruit the right players to play a proper football game when you have no time in your busy life.

However, once you get your hands on the soccer game mentioned above, you get the same excitement and intensity you would expect from an arena soccer game. Without a doubt, FIFA is the best football game for Windows and Mac to date.

Nothing can beat attention and FIFA gets support from customers and players as well. Moreover, the official support of the International Football Association makes this game a leader in this gaming realm and nothing can come close soon.

last insight

Here are the best games to experience football on your computer. Free soccer games for PC don’t have many options, but they still have access to Steam. Given the number of options available, choosing the best one can be difficult, but this list will help you decide.

I have tried to cover all aspects of computer games from a football fan’s point of view and I believe that if you like football you will also like all the games mentioned in this list. Still, if you have a better alternative, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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