리얼한 축구게임, PS4 버전 eFootball PES2020(이풋볼페스)로 축구팬들 마음을 공략! [EastJade] : 네이버 블로그

hello. EastJade is an excellent bookmark for gaming lovers.

It was released on September 10th and is loved by soccer fans and game fans.

For PS4 and PC soccer game eFootball PES2020to

I’m going to talk a little (?) about it.

In fact, the game itself has been around for quite some time.

Shortly after it was released, I bought it, authenticated it, and wrote a few articles.

But my previous writings were more like my play diary.

What are the strengths of this game and what kind of content is a good soccer game?

I don’t think I’ve ever properly spoken about it. lol

First of all, I refreshingly re-certify. lol

PES2020 (E Football Fes 2020) until relatively recently

really It’s a game I’m having fun with.

The control method also suits me well, especially the movements of the players.

Actions and facial expressions are as dynamic as real soccer.

I think it’s a soccer game that is really good to play and to watch.

in a football gameHow well did you embody real soccer players?

I think it’s quite important to capture the hearts of fans.

Soccer fans tend to play soccer games a lot, so I can’t overlook this point.

PES2020 is with our brother Lionel Messi FC Barcelonaincluding

uk of the premier league Arsenal, Manchester United,

germany of the Bundesliga Bayern Munich,

Italian Serie A Juventusand entered into an official partnershipSo

Even in-game, you can be with the best players.

At eFootball Fes 2020, Europe, South America, etc.

In addition to the prestigious leagues, the second division leagues are also implemented,

UEFA (European Football Federation) All 55 national teams will appear.

All countries that are rumored to be strong, as well as small national teams, are all implemented!

And PES2020 is about the reproducibility of the sport of football and

The ease and quality of gameplay is good.

UEFA Euro 2020 Official Video Game Statusto have

Recognized as a more competitive soccer gameI received

On December 9th, the news of the eFootball League finally came out.

The 2019 – 20 season is open to 10 European clubs,

It is said that you can enjoy this football league by participating as your favorite club.

■ Participating clubs











Even if you apply for participation, you can use it usefully in My Club, which will be introduced below.

We are paying 300 My Club Coins.

I think you should definitely try participating. lol

Coming back to the game, if you like European football, you definitely shouldn’t miss it. lol

As a test run, we decided to play a match with France vs England.

There are 53 stadiums in total. Including the Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona…

Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany

Including the home stadium of a prestigious club that signed a partnership

Large soccer stadiums in Europe and South America I’m ready

You can fully feel the realism of international soccer.

In modern football, strategy is very important.

Including the formation, which player moves in which situation and how

to systematically train and fit together,

It is a tactical sport where the team moves as one.

In this football festival 2020, including various formations,

You can set various strategies such as advanced tactics and marking opponents.

Players’ formations can also be decorated in various, extreme ways.

You can also set the desired player position

More detailed formation adjustments are possible.

Discovering the optimal strategy is also a strategy for victory. lol

Now, let’s take a look at the real game, shall we?

When the game starts, the appearance of the players appearing as if they are watching a real soccer game

Korean relay teamThere is also an introduction of . lol

PES2020 is a game that could be heard in actual soccer games.

The broadcast of the combination of caster So Joon-il and commentator Han Jun-hee

There is a huge advantage that you can listen to it in game. lol

I was born and raised in Korea, so I have a lot of affection for my mother tongue.

The immersion of playing the game while listening to the Korean commentary

There are some things you really can’t change. make it impossible not to hear lol

Get into the game.

This Football Fes 2020 has a very intuitive control system.

It is designed so that even beginners can adapt easily.

Shoot or pass in the direction the left stick is tilted,

How long you press the button determines how hard you kick the ball.

In other words, tilt the left stick in the direction you want to send the ball.

Just adjust the pressing force according to the distance

pass, shoot, etc. The basic operations are just that. ㅇㅅㅇ

Maybe it’s because I first got used to this intuitive control method.

When choosing a soccer game Also PES2020 It made me have no choice but to do it. lol

Free kicks and corner kicks are similar. the direction you want to go

Control it by looking at it All you have to do is decide on power.

Of course, for more difficult skills, familiarize yourself with the operation while watching a separate strategy

There is luxury such as adjusting the angle

The good thing about soccer games is that you can enjoy them lightly, whether you are alone or with friends.

If you don’t have the desire to win online, knowing the basics is enough! lol

And thrilling goals that pop during gameplay!!

It seems that I can’t let go of PES2020 because of the thrill of each goal. lol

The celebrations of the goal-scoring players are also based on the actual celebrations or

It shows a dynamic and realistic appearance, which doubles the impression of the goal. lol

Replays showing the goal scene from different angles.

It shows the dynamic appearance as if watching a real soccer broadcast.

When a goal is blocked, the frustrated players appear as they are.

We ended up winning 1:0. lol

Personally, I wanted to score goals with Griezmann.

The game didn’t go well.

In the end, it didn’t work out as intended, but that’s how it is. Yes.

More luxurious football, more thrilling confrontation,

If you want to create your own team with your favorite players

One of the main contents of PES2020 My Clubis recommended.

This is my current My Club Best Squad.

Suarez, Hazard, Pianic, Modric, Van Dyke, etc.

I managed to collect a lot of famous players. lol

My Club is based on your favorite soccer team.

It uses the team’s emblem and uniform.

I am doing this like a Daegu native. lol

Maybe it’s because the star players who play in the big leagues are gathered in real soccer.

Every play is unstoppable and good. lol

Football fans can create their dream team and play it themselves.

Fantastic breath!

The point of showing the player’s unique ceremony as it is makes it several times more realistic.

Of course, because it’s a sport, sometimes things don’t go well. lol

‘This is blocked!’ The expression on your face looks exactly the same. lol

My face must have been like that too.

Active soccer players as well as retired legend players can be used

You can even create a timeless dream team.

especially of PES2020 Legend Editionbuyif

active duty of the days Park Ji-sungcan also be used.

They even have the licenses of other legendary players including Park Ji-sung.

The fact that this Football Fes 2020 is a high-quality game for soccer fans is even more weighty.

Build the ultimate dream team in MyClub and compete against people from all over the world.

If you want to aim for a different confrontation and good rewards

updated weekly Match Day)You won’t be able to miss it.

Select one of two teams based on the concept of weekly rival team confrontation,

Team battle concept to accumulate points for the selected team to winno see.

There are a lot of matchday matches this week. thief

When there is a confrontation between two factions, you can enter and choose one faction.

In the case of Barcelona vs Juventus, Juventus is winning.


If you participate in Match Day, you can also receive rewards according to your performance.

In addition to scouting players for the team, they also give out MyLab Coins.

Rewards vary depending on the event, so be sure to check them out! lol

After choosing a force and completing the preparations for the game, through matching

You will play against users of the opposing faction. When you win, you get points.

The two representative players from both teams with the most points

You will have a final battle, and other people can watch this final battle,

You may also receive a spectator bonus.

Please note that using Match Day is also a strategy to get good players from My Club!

At eFootball Fes 2020, I become the manager and lead the team. master league mode is

It is the most representative of the single-player content.

It’s probably one of the most interesting mods.

Select the team you want to grow and create a director character based on a real person

Scouting players, negotiating salaries, training and running games

There is a different, realistic fun from simply enjoying each soccer match.

It’s best to bring in good players at good salaries.

Also, what style of play will the players lead,

You can also decide which skills to acquire and train them.

Running towards victory with players who grow while playing

You can feel the subtle fun as a director.

You can also play the game yourself and lead your team to victory.

Through manager mode, strategy setting, intermediate instructions, and player replacement only

You can even be in a position to watch the game.

“Um~ you guys did a good job~”

When you play in director mode, you really get 120% immersed.

All the sounds of the stars come out of your mouth. lol

It’s a real game in a very different sense. lol

My current master league mode status is in Spanish La Liga 2nd division.

I’m doing 3rd. I’m in second place, but I fell. ㅠㅠ

We will try to win the league and promote to the 1st division while preparing for the next game.

In addition to this, becoming a soccer player Become a Legend Such as

There is single player content. Even if you don’t play online

Because there is so much to enjoy, While playing single player without pressure

You can also lightly enjoy a soccer match with your friends.

It can also target the hearts of soccer fans who genuinely like soccer. It’s such a game.

It’s light to enjoy, but the realism and realism of the game

It’s not as good as real football, so I really recommend itIt’s a game. lol

PES2020 continues post-launch support

Adding new content and Player data and various information updates are enriched.

Most recently, on the 5th of December Data Pack (DP) 3.0while updating

Addition and update of stadium, addition of directing scene of stadium exterior aisle,

Added goal celebrations for some players, updated player face models, added soccer boots, etc.

Several elements have been updated.

Including the newly updated stadium…..

New boots added.

Added stadium aisle production, etc.

like this It shows that we are continuing to move towards a more realistic football.

In addition, with the DP 3.0 update, you can acquire each club’s squad and uniform.

DLC has been added. You can acquire all players and managers of the purchased club,

Classic Uniform, 200 My Club Coins, Original Theme, etc.

It can be purchased at an affordable price compared to various configurations.

Those who are planning to buy PES 2020 and those who are already playing

It would be nice to refer to all of them.

PES2020 is for the PC Steam version

With the Steam Awards (Steam Game of the Year) enter the discount.

standard, of course Korean soccer legend Park Ji-sung could be acquired

up to legend edition every 50% discount

(Pacific Time) Dec. 12 to Dec. 14do.

In Korean time, it is from 3:00 am on December 13 to 3:00 am on the 15th.

PES2020 official website

As a competitive real soccer game, it has long know-how and many fans.

We talked more about eFootball PES2020.

It’s a little burdensome to play other heavy games, and when I’m tired, I play two or three games at a time.

It’s a game I usually enjoy, so I wrote a lot of things.

The game is rich in content and fun to play.

Whether solo, with friends, or challenging online battles

I think it’s a soccer game that can be fun enough.

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